People to People Peace History

The People to People Peace History Project is a collection of documents and photographs from the years of conflict (1994 – 2000) in Southern Sudan.

The purpose of this project is to preserve the memory of the grassroots peace process so that the lessons learned may benefit future generations of Sudanese.

Check back often to see when new material is added to the collection.

We welcome submissions to the project.

This includes documents, stories, objects, photographs, and suggestions. Please contact Isabel Hogue to discuss your contribution (email: southsudanfriends |at|

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Wunlit Dinka-Nuer Peace Documents

Dinka-Nuer West Bank Peace and Reconciliation Conference (27 February – 8 March, 1999), Wunlit, Bahr el Ghazal, Sudan

1. Introduction and Wunlit Dinka-Nuer Covenant